We are fully committed to ensuring that we operate our boat charters in a manner which respects the Indian ocean environment. We know the preservation of the Indian Ocean fishery and other wonderful natural resources, is central to maintaining the quality of our outings and sustaining the nature of our business for the future.

When we go fishing, we appreciate and adhere to the restrictions and requirements imposed by the Western Australian Department of Fisheries.

This relates to the size and bag limits in Western Australia for the various species we encounter and our treatment of the fish. We do our utmost to return fish alive to the water including any undersized and unwanted fish.

  • Making sure non-biodegradable rubbish is returned to shore and correctly disposed of.
  • Using boat cleaning products which are environmentally safe.

We love our whale watching and naturally want these beautiful marine mammals to feel safe in our waters, as well as in the oceans of the world.

We support and comply with the strict whale watching guidelines set out by the Department of Environment and Conservation, Western Australia.

We also welcome moves to totally ban the killing of all sea mammals and have donated to causes such as Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace which tenaciously strive to achieve these ends.

We hope everyone can respect the environment and Marine life by adhering to rules and guidelines by the appropriate authorities.