Whale watching tours operate from NOW to late November annually.

Mills Charters have been operating whalewatchingperth.com cruises for many years and pride ourselves on offering an amazing personal experience on the water with these magnificent ocean mammals. If you are considering booking a whale watch cruise in Perth choose the whale watch specialists.

We can book you this amazing marine experience.

We have made Whale Watching near Perth part of our core business and strive to give everyone a trip to remember, an experience with the whales that is impressive and one they will remember and appreciate for years to come.

My family and I joined you today for the whale watching and we just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful experience. My children were speechless, a very rare occurrence and totally in awe of the whales. Your staff were brilliant and extremely knowledgeable. I will definitely be recommending your charter to all my friends and will be back next season. Thanks again.

whale watching perthWHALE WATCHING tours PERTH

Some interesting Whale Tales you may be interested to know…

  • Whales are as big as a moving van and weigh as much as 8 elephants
  • Whales lived on land 45 million years ago and had 4 legs
  • Whales are mammals, not fish. They breathe air, and their tail moves up and down. (Fish breathe water and their tails move side to side)
  • A whale can eat 4000 pounds of plankton and krill a day, but can go 8 months without eating
  • At birth, a baby whale is 12-16 ft long, weighing almost 2 tons

Join us for a Whale Watching Eco-Adventure in Perth.

If  one of our tour times online doesn’t suit you please call and we will get you on an alternate whale watch that will.

There are generally three (3) types of baleen whales seen off the coast of Western Australia.

The Humpback Whale (so named because it arches its back as it prepares to dive so creating the shape of a hump)

The Southern Right Whale (so named because in the old days of whaling, whalers considered this whale the right one to hunt as it swam very slowly and was therefore easy to catch and because its body was so rich in oil, it floated on the surface after it had been killed)

The Blue Whale which is colored a steely grey on the surface but when seen from below is a beautiful turquoise blue. It is the largest of the Whales, reaching up to 100 feet in length and 130 tonnes in weight. The blue whale is the loudest animal on Earth! This endangered mammal is also the largest animal that ever lived on Earth; it is larger than any of the giant dinosaurs were.

Perth photographs of whales near boat cruise passengers

whales near Perthwhales spouting near PerthPassenger photographing whale near boat

whale breaching near boat